Heavy metal detox – DMPS protocol

In the 21st century, we are more and more exposed to heavy metals that are being deposited in our bodies and with time cause many disorders. Unfortunately, conventional medicine ignores the role of heavy metals as cause of chronic diseases.

For example, lead had been known to be one of the causes of high blood pressure, heart diseases, brain damage and dementia. Cadmium, nickel and arsenic are known carcinogens. Aluminum heightens the risk of dementia and other neurologic disorders. Gadolinium, which was thought to be a harmless substance until recently, and has been used as a contrast for magnetic resonance, has shown to deposit in the brain.

We are all exposed to heavy metals, regardless of whether you’re working in the paint factory and directly breathing in the lead, or you’re just eating a lot of fish full of mercury. Heavy metal concentration is rising exponentially in the last couple of decades. The ground, air, water, even food we eat is poisoned. All the things we cannot escape from.

One of the problems is that conventional methods of testing are not good for detecting that depot of heavy metals in our body that has been filling up our whole lives. Heavy metals are only temporarily passing through blood before accumulating in the bones and other cells in our body. Blood testing is something like trying to calculate the population of the county by counting the number of the cars on the highway at 3AM. You’re just looking in the wrong place.

The other problem we have with chronic heavy metal poisoning is that it doesn’t show acute symptoms, but slow, insidious, corrosive effects on our health. When someone has been diagnosed with hypertension, the conventional doctor won’t even think about testing for accumulated lead in the body.

Sometimes it take years, even decades of chronic explosion to heavy metals before the cancer develops or the patient shows the first symptoms of dementia.

The best way of detecting chronic heavy metal poisoning is a combination of the clinical and family anamnesis, and provocation tests for heavy metals. Provocation test is done by injecting a chelating agent intravenously or intramuscularly, pulling out the heavy metals from their “hiding places” – tissues, which are then passed to the kidneys and detected in the urine.

One of the chelating agents, DMPS (2,3-dimercaptopropane-1-sulphonate) or Unithiol, is being use not only for diagnosis but also as a therapy for acute AND chronic heavy metal poisoning. DMPS is synthesized in 1956. by V.E.Petrukin, and then used in China. They started using in America and Western Europe in 1970s, mainly in the late 70s when a pharmaceutical company Heyl from Germany started producing it.

Unithiol, and its succimer DMSA (2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid) are derivates of dimercaprol (2,3-dimercapto-1-propanol Anti-Levisit, BAL) and gradually completely replaced the use of BAL in heavy metal poisoning therapy because of several advantages, including much lower toxicity of the agent, higher water solubility and lower fat solubility. Unithiol is being used in therapy of the acute and chronic intoxication with many heavy metals and metalloids, and is especially useful in mercury, lead, bismuth and arsenic poisoning. Unithiol can be administered by intramuscular or intravenous injection, or orally, depending on the clinical picture, and has very little side effects, which include transient reactions on the skin – rash, itching and low blood pressure.

Practically, the only bad side of Unithiol is that it does not pass the blood-brain barrier enough, because of its high hydrophilicity, unlike dimercaprol.


Heavy metal detox is the first step in the complete body detox, as the best way of treating all diseases, even the worst ones. Any conventional therapy we are using, detoxication can only speed up the healing process. Detox is actually even necessary after some of the conventional therapies – like chemotherapy which contains high doses of heavy metals. Removing the heavy metals from our bodies can be seen as solving the root of the problems, in combination with other ways of body detox of course.

One of the best examples can be Candida. Simply put, Candida loves mercury, and that mercury that is accumulated in out body it takes and incorporates it in its membrane. In that way, Candida “protects” us from the toxic effects from the mercury, but by living there it causes much deeper problems, primarily all the candidiasis symptoms, but also much more severe problems, like autoimmune diseases and even cancer. Therefore, by removing the mercury first, and then Candida with other protocols, we can say that we cured the organism from more diseases, and prevented many other, potentially fatal ones.

Here in Naturalia Policlinic, we are carrying out a heavy metal detox protocol. It involves using a chelating agent for 10 days, frequency therapy for the whole body detox and heavy metals, and ionic detox.