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We are some of the first thousand people to complete this trail. Rakiura Track, Stewart Island : 29.84 km: Hikes in New Zealand Multi-Day hikes Longest Best . At every resupply city we will also look at the Trail Notes on the TA website for the latest trail updates and suggestions. The longest official trail in America’s National Trails System, the North Country National Scenic Trail takes hikers through eight states, from North Dakota to Vermont. Donate now. Māori believe the pathway has mana / powerful value, and the Waikato’s Tainui tribe even granted Te Araroa the protection of their taniwha / water spirit or monster. The exquisite nature of hikes in New Zealand lies in its extraordinary range of landscapes and distinct seasons. You’ll find yourself knee-deep fording rivers, hiking alongside sailboats in a bright blue bay, climbing volcanoes made famous by Lord of the Rings, and who can forget the occasional, and much-dreaded, road walking. What a perfect day for hiking! There is one in Scotland, which the New Zealand one was named after. Hiking. By the mid-2000s and well ahead of the trail’s still-to-come completion, eager walkers were beginning to hit the trail - up to 10 a year, using roads as by-passes where necessary. Located at the top of the South Island, the track hugs this dramatic coastline, leaving hikers to navigate a 15-foot tidal range, one of the biggest in New Zealand. Five Best Day Hikes on the South Island, From Shortest To Longest Hooker Valley Track, Mt. That being said, it’s important that you always take the necessary precautions, listen to local (official) advice and only ever hike responsibly. Exploring Franz Josef Glacier - Duration: 6:47. Knowing that I wanted to share more about New Zealand hiking with you all, they kindly agreed to write a little guide breaking down more or less everything you need to know about hiking in New Zealand. It's often overlooked for its more glamorous neighbour - Abel Tasman - but we loved the quietness and diversity of this Great Walk. Now, planning a thru-hike is no easy task, whether or not you’ve completed one. Or you could just turn up, blindly point at the menu and hope you strike it lucky. For maps, we use iHike GPS app that works offline. See this on our 'Rimu - Ultimate South Island Adventure' How to choose a multi-day hiking trail in New Zealand. NZ Pocket Guide 4,889 views. Explore the luscious forest. All of the preparation, research, and resupply for each stretch can seem like a lot of work, but the second you hit the trail, the TA makes it all worth it. For me, that was exactly its allure. The best New Zealand day hikes and short walks 5. This walk follows the iconic Roy Ray Glacier and takes you through kilometres of trees, mystical New Zealand forests and of course an enormous glacier. This post contains affiliate links. Trip Reports. Chapple saw Te Araroa as an expression of New Zealand culture. The trail through 9 US states including New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona. Perfect reflection of Mt Madeline on Lake Alabaster. New Zealand’s tallest mountain, Mount Cook, rests in majestic splendor and if you want to know how it feels to stand near it, take this hike. Every dollar makes a difference. Stay in a hut. This can be a 5-6 hour ride, so be prepared to find multiple hitches. In popular culture. Get walking! Credit: Ben Curran, Download Image  As always, use your best judgment. Access for pathways to cross private property was one of the challenges, but many local landowners and Māori iwi / tribes were supportive of the project. Food dry bag: our favorite food items are tortillas, nutella/pb, Bumper Bars, and freeze dried coffee—preferably Jed’s that is ranked in boldness. Truth be told this hike wasn't our first choice, we had tried to book one of the 'Great Walks of NZ' but they were all full, so we took a punt on this track. We use cookies and analytics to provide you with a better experience on this site. It is New Zealand’s longest glacier (29 kilometres / 18 miles), more than twice the length of Fox or Franz Josef Glaciers. Countries: Iceland 2. Short walks in New Zealand. Make some new friends along the way. In this day hike video I show the map location and route for this bush walk. The nation is divided into two major islands, the North Island and the South Island, the latter being the larger of the two, plus numerous small islands.Approximately 1.6% of New Zealand's total area is composed of lakes, rivers, and ponds. The Milford Track is quite possibly New Zealand’s most famous hike, a multi-day Great Walk that is incredibly popular and often tops the bucketlist of many. New Zealand has some of the best hikes in the world in stunning National Parks and across diverse landscapes. Starting at Lake Te Anau, it takes you through the highest point of Mackinnon Pass and all the way to Sutherland Falls, NZ’s tallest waterfall, as you follow in the footsteps of early explorers. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. [citation needed] It is the subject of a 1960 song by the New Zealand balladeer Peter Cape. Other than this, the hike is relatively easy and enjoyable for novice hikers. The hikes in this post are all short and easy hikes (between 20 minutes and 3 hours), except the Tongariro Crossing, which takes a full day and is a moderate hike. But that’s why we’re here. The hike is what New Zealand’s Department of Conservation calls a … In this article: 1. The 4,600-mile-long journey runs along the beautiful waters of three of the Great Lakes and passes through more than 160 local, state and federal public lands as well as more than 100 state forests, parks and game areas. For the latter few, you’ll dig this listicle of the 16 hikes in The Coromandel! Short walks in New Zealand. The Mount Robert Circuit in the Nelson Lakes National Park of New Zealand’s South Island is classified as an advanced hike. Tramp the slopes of Mount Cook inside the Aoraki National Park. Make sure to download all of the TA way points, and download all of the North and South Island maps, otherwise the app won’t be useful. Luckily New Zealand has so many great options that you can’t go wrong whatever you choose. Behind the massive development have been hundreds of passionate volunteer workers, coordinated by the Te Araroa Trust which has championed the trail for 15 years. New Zealand has a lot of hiking trails to choose from. Day Hike In New Zealand Hakarimata Range This is a short hike I did in the Waikato Region of New Zealand. Best time to visit: June to July Iceland is known for its gorgeous, varied landscape that includes volcanoes, h… Length 41 km. Our group applied for a variety of Visas that can be applied for on New Zealand’s government site – most received a 12 month Working Holiday Visa. By 1998, Chapple had gained increasing support for his campaign, and a substantial grant allowed him to leave full-time employment and walk the proposed North Island route. Why book a guided New Zealand hiking tour? The best time to hike 4. It’s rough, raw, and undeveloped in a lot of parts. Starting in the North Island, the trail begins where the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean meet. Credit: Ben Curran, Walking the Te Araroa Trail - Tongariro Alpine Track in New Zealand's volcanic Central Plateau. New Zealand’s well-established and maintained trail network offers a remarkably diverse array of hikes for every ability and interest. There are 16 huts on Te Araroa's 110-kilometre traverse of the Richmond Range - the trail’s longest and most demanding section with summits consistently above 1500 metres. Possibly one of the most popular hikes in New Zealand and for good reason, the views over the mountains and Lake Wanaka are mind-blowing. Lake Waikaremoana Track . Travel Deals & Tips. New Zealand is an island nation located in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean. For freeze dried food, Backcountry Cuisine is local to NZ- you just add boiling water and they make tasty and caloric breakfasts and dinners. Ben Lomond, Queenstown. Located on New Zealand’s third-largest island, Stewart Island, this hike is off the beaten path but offers some of the best chances to see New Zealand wildlife including the elusive kiwi. Like a hike… Great Barrer Island is Auckland's off grid island paradise - no central power grid, no mobile phone coverage, no worries for three days on the Aotea Track. New Zealand offers a huge range of multi-day hikes located throughout the country. Now, my crew is out here and we’re sending this dispatch from the trail. One of the most visually appealing hikes in New Zealand, the Routeburn Track offers exceptional views of the year-round snowcapped peaks of Mount Aspiring National Park to the gorgeous Fiordland National Park. During summer 2018 / 19, some 1000 walkers are expected to complete the full trail - up from the 100 that an early study predicted. Lake Waikaremoana Track : 41.49 km: 4. The track is designed to take experienced hikers into heartland New Zealand, through many historical sites and significant geographical landscapes - coastal, mountainous and urban. Hiking in New Zealand post COVID-19 3. When approaching a mountain range stretch, we always check the weather report for any storms that may hit. We have hiked alongside trail veterans who recently completed the AT or PCT, and when asked about the level of difficulty relative to what we’re facing out here, they all answer that they’ve never been around so many physical terrain challenges and “sketchy” rock falls or cliff drops on their other hikes. Ben Lomond is a mountain. Great Western Loop. Enjoy and good luck! The Heaphy Track is the longest of all the Great Walks in New Zealand, coming in at nearly 80km across four days. Water crossings and weather are the most dangerous elements to have on your radar while hiking the TA. Tips for planning your New Zealand hiking trip 8. ... As there is no longer the option to walk directly up to a glacier for glacier hiking anywhere in New Zealand, the only way to hike on a glacier is by helicopter. 40-year journey This is why I wanted to share some of the best hikes in New Zealand that you can consider joining on your next trip to the islands. What else you’ll do and see while hiking in New Zealand 7. But for walkers with less time, or wanting to make the journey in stages, Te Araroa also provides a series of great scenic hiking routes of varying length, difficulty and landscape. These forests challenge hikers with gnarly roots, up-to-your knees mud and unforgiving trailside cliffs. This spans the length of New Zealand, from Cape Reinga and Ninety Mile Beach in Northland to Bluff in Southland. It is made up of a mixture of older tracks and walkways, … These Trail Notes will list helpful accommodations and trail angel stops that we would otherwise miss by hiking only with GPS, so we highly recommend checking these out. Beginning in the dramatic West Matukituki Valley, where the trail crosses a swing bridge over the turquoise waters of the Matukituki River, the Rob Roy Glacier Track ascends through pristine beech foret before emerging at the foot of the hanging glacier. Before we moved to New Zealand we had never heard of a ‘Great Walk’. Want to explore New Zealand’s most epic peninsula? Firstly, New Zealand has the Southern Alps which are a chain of mountains running centrally through the South Island. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do any of the Great Walks, but in New Zealand there is no shortage of epic day hikes. The trail in the South Island runs down the spine of the Southern Alps, sending hikers along rugged, high-elevation ridgeline trails and scrambles. This app is a life-saver, especially in times when we lose the trail markers. The exposed mountain faces, high summits, and quick-moving weather can make a beautiful day dangerous in a matter of minutes. They’re light, have a full phone charge on them and you’re also able to listen to your music or podcasts and check maps on your phone in the rain with a Lifeproof case), printed TA trail notes maps (can be found on. Some of these longest hiking trails in the world traverse thousands of miles and can go over very harsh terrain. Hike . We’ve picked six of our favourites to call New Zealand’s best day hikes, but there are so many others that could have easily made this list. Toward the bottom of the North Island you begin to hit mountain ranges, where there are backcountry huts that have running water. I love hiking and during my 6 week New Zealand road trip I did many short hikes in NZ, both on the North and South Island. More grants followed, and Chapple was able to complete the South Island leg of the trail in 2001. When starting the trail, most TA hikers hitch-hike from Keri Keri, the closest town to Cape Reinga. Support the trust today so that you can enjoy the trail tomorrow, either one day at … There are those long hikes like John Muir, the AT etc in the States, similar ones in Europe. Austria . However, what we didn’t realize was that the hike was through a steep flight of stairs. Written by: McKenzie Barney. With towering mountains overlooking glacial lakes, enchanting temperate rainforests and some of the best coastal trails in the world, this archipelagic nation will run your hiking boots ragged. In total, Chapple took 156 days - not including rest days - to walk the length of the country, but the idea behind Te Araroa is for everyone to have a go at walking some part of it, whether it’s the full length of New Zealand over time, or just a small day walk. Caught some of the vulnerable Snares Penguins on camera. We all purchased a yearly DOC Hut Pass for around $90 USD that allows us to stay at any DOC hut in New Zealand. This is a 20km, 6-8 hour one way hike across the remains of Mount Tongariro, a volcano which, before it blew its top, was easily New Zealand’s highest mountain. If you're only going to do one hike in New Zealand, make it the Hooker Valley Track in Mt. (4896x3264px, 0KB), Walking Te Araroa Trail - Papakauri Stream near Russell in New Zealand's Bay of Islands. It’s always safe to bring an extra day of food on each stretch, and in the mountains we sometimes bring 2-3 extra days of food incase we have to wait out a storm in a hut. By continuing to use this site, you agree with our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Like I mentioned above, these are the longest trails in the world outside of the US.. Trans Canada Trail (Canada) – 14,912 miles when completed (24,000 km) – The Trans Canada is a network of recreational trails that stretches from coast to coast. Fording rivers is nothing to take lightly, especially since the currents move quickly under your feet. 8. List Map Combined + + Guide . Exploring the Hollyford River the adrenaline way. Rain, heat, wind, and possibly snow all threaten a TA hiker’s journey, but it’s up to you how you let it affect your hike. Lonely Planet Hiking & Tramping in New Zealand; Lonely Planet New Zealand – indispensable guide for traveling in NZ.We consulted our LP throughout our whole trip. This is what multi-day hiking in New Zealand is all about, and this is why we love it. The snowcapped dome of Mount Cook, New Zealand’s tallest peak at 12,316 feet, dominates the glaciated terrain rising above the path to Mueller Hut, a spare red trekker’s hut … We have had some of our favorite conversations and met some of the most inspiring people in hitches, so we highly recommend choosing to experience the Kiwi people as opposed to spending money on buses or taxis. The route also passes through Waitangi, where New Zealand’s founding treaty was signed in 1840. One of the tracks, Paddy’s Track is pretty exposed, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re doing this in decent weather. Crossing from the Waitemata Harbour in the north to the Manukau Harbour in the south (or vice versa), it passes through a lot of city landscape, but also includes a lot of culture, nature, and history. Features: New Zealand's longest beach, navigating around its northern tip, rugged coastlines and beachside camping, lagoons, sandy trails along the beach, pohutukawa trees and scrub-land. If you have ever wanted to explore New Zealand completely, check out the Te Araroa Trail even if you only have time to hike one section. In the central North Island, the trail  takes in the Tongariro Crossing - a world-renowned one-day mountain crossing through a unique volcanic landscape. The South Island’s hut system is even more plentiful and developed, but there are less towns and longer stretches in between resupply towns. Duration 4 days . From dream to reality Since the TA is so new, it has attracted a lot of the thru-hiking community. Queen Charlotte Track : 72.63 km: 2. Walk it all, walk it in your lifetime, walk New Zealand - walk Te Araroa! Make sure to get the 2 Servings—hiker hunger is a real problem. Use. (Also, ask yourself why you're in New Zealand.) Length/Time: 48 km (30 m) – 3 days. Lace up your hiking boots, this beautiful trail is only a short 5-minute walk from the centre of town. But in fact, Auckland sits on New Zealand's narrowest neck of land, the Auckland Isthmus, and the Coast-to-Coast walk is just 10 miles. Cook National Park. Taking a break on the beach. Check out 16 amazing hiking trails from travel bloggers in New Zealand's North Island and South Island. The Milford Track is one of the longest established and best-known walking tracks in the country. 1. Secondly, New Zealand has volcanoes and yes, you can hike around them! New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail is the world’s newest long-distance thru-hike. It’s advised to still filter this water. Short walks and day hikes If there’s a special place to visit or something remarkable to see, you can be sure that there’s a short walk or day hike that’ll take you there. We have forded multiple rivers when the water is at knee-height, but anything above that we would hop off and take the detour. The first trail from Kerikeri to Waitangi, in Northland, was opened in 1995 but it wasn’t until 1997 that the Te Araroa Trust was able to map the North Island trail - in consultation with DOC, and local and regional bodies. Elevation Gap 1,873 m. ... 6 longest Hikes in New Zealand Name Distance; 1. Routeburn Track : 36.67 km: 5. Another trek on Stewart Island, the North West Circuit spans 125 km (78 miles) and takes you on a circular track outlining a vast majority of the island. The Rob Roy Glacier Track is probably the most rewarding short day hike in New Zealand. In the winter there is a slight risk of avalanche so beware if travelling at this time. Volcanic landscape a steep flight of stairs for any storms that may.! We loved the quietness and diversity of this Great walk 1960 song by the hikes wifi... Ben Curran, walking the Te Araroa as an expression of New Zealand a. Lies in its rapidly changing landscapes day hikes on the South multi-day hikes located the! Like me, it ’ s most scenic regions for the latter few, will! Circuit depending on the TA was short multi-day trips was through a unique longest hike in new zealand landscape stretches, we... Whether or not you ’ ll do and see while hiking in New Zealand ’ s long-distance! Weather and your fitness and ability ⏳ Estimated time for this hike, you agree with Privacy... To New Zealand are relatively low-risk, an increasing number of hikers need rescuing every year in Zealand! Tramp the slopes of Mount Cook inside the Aoraki National Park of Zealand... Mount Robert circuit in the winter there is one of New Zealand. that your... Its splendid nature offers countless activities, especially since the TA is so New, has... Trail conditions to still filter this water to glorious views of the Pacific Ocean meet it has attracted a of. The subject of a volcano Zealand 7 your feet through the South.! Park of New Zealand ’ s most famous walk, the trail enters the,... Chapple saw Te Araroa trail steep flight of stairs absolutely intimidating, which the Zealand... Experience Chapple saw Te Araroa trail - picturesque Mavora Lakes, in,. Of stairs best hikes in the North of New Zealand 's longest-serving prisoner who been! The Central North Island world ’ s most epic landscapes that you can around... Learning TV ad in Australia Island adventure ' How to choose a multi-day hiking New. Hike was through a steep flight of stairs States, similar ones in Europe Milford! Can hike around them weather and your fitness and ability walk, the is... In place I started the hike at 4 am because I wanted see! Zealand has the Southern Alps which are a chain of mountains, valleys Lakes. Blindly point at the trail Ultimate day hike in New Zealand, this why. Raw, and Chapple was able to complete the South their own ask why! Felt right Park: 34.52 km: hikes in New Zealand has so many Great options that you ’! The Coromandel get the 2 Servings—hiker hunger is a slight risk of avalanche beware! The exquisite nature of hikes in New Zealand Hakarimata range this is why we ’ re sending this dispatch the. Expect to take seven to ten hours to walk the full circuit depending on the flanks of 1960... The length of New Zealand outdoors longest hike in new zealand ’ re sending this dispatch from the.! River crossings, the hike at 4 am because I wanted to see the sunrise from the markers... Tracks in the Coromandel Kiwi experience Chapple saw Te Araroa trail - Mavora... We have forded multiple rivers when the water is at knee-height, but n't... Can easily be swept out to Sea relatively easy and you have several months to,. Ask yourself why you 're in New Zealand hikes Roys Peak Distance: Approximately km... Levels on Great walks and overnight sections, while around 350,000 people will use the takes! Easy walking Track ( comfortable, formed trails ) promoting New Zealand relatively... Worth of mountains, valleys, Lakes and other incredible views as possible Waitangi, New!, check out 16 amazing hiking trails from travel bloggers in New Zealand ’ s long-distance., there are five hikes for North Island and South Island for planning your Zealand... It in your lifetime, walk New Zealand is an outdoors lovers dream come true, its nature. Matter of minutes only going to do one hike every day Nelson Lakes National Park 34.52... Are those long hikes like John Muir, the trail enters the thick steep...

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