what book is the movie seventh son based on

If anything, the epic delay is a telltale sign from the studios that the epic fantasy is bound to do badly at the box office. Perhaps I’m placing too much topical significance on one barely-noticed movie, but the new fantasy film “Seventh Son” is an example of everything that’s wrong with bloated, out-of-control Hollywood. The Seventh Son on DVD May 26, 2015 starring Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Alicia Vikander, Ben Barnes. He never once picks up a sword and undergoes zero combat training. Seventh Son  The movie based off of The Last Apprentice series, Book 1, Revenge of the witch. Immanuel Kai. Directed by Sergei Bodrov, “Seventh Son” is a fantasy film based on the novel “The Spook’s Apprentice” (aka “The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch”) by Joseph Delaney. Seventh Son won a Locus Award and was nominated for both the Hugo and World Fantasy Awards in 1988. Parents need to know that Seventh Son is a very loose adaptation of The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney, with an aged-up protagonist (presumably to up the heartthrob factor) and only a passing similarity to the books.There's a surprising single use of "f--k" (used in exasperation), and there's more immediate passionate kissing and romance than in comparable YA fantasy adaptations. Book: Tom Ward is the 12-year-old narrator of the book, described as small for his age despite growing up on a farm. The interminable and charmless “Seventh Son” is based on a British fantasy novel called “The Spook’s Apprentice” (retitled “The Last Apprentice” in the U.S.), about a medieval witch-hunter, or Spook, who recruits a young boy as his new trainee. Book 1 and Book 2 of the best-selling fantasy adventure series that inspired the forthcoming major motion picture Seventh Son!Read Book 1, Revenge of the Witch, and Book 2, Curse of the Bane, in one volume!A major motion picture phenomenon and an international bestseller, The Last Apprentice will haunt you—and terrify you—and keep you coming back for more. ... Charles Leavitt and Steve Knight, based on the book … Seventh Son movie synopsis. Regardless of its technical merit, however, one subset of viewers is guaranteed to hate this movie: fans of the book upon which it is based. As the seventh son of a seventh son, he can see things other people can't and therefore has the potential of becoming a spook (more on that below). Movie Review: Seventh Son. Seventh Son is a fantasy film based on The Spook's Apprentice. Official synopsis for Seventh Son starring Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Ben Barnes, and Olivia Williams. Seventh Son (1987) is an alternate history/fantasy novel by American writer Orson Scott Card.It is the first book in Card's The Tales of Alvin Maker series and is about Alvin Miller, the seventh son of a seventh son. It was directed by Sergei Bodrov and it stars Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. Tue, 6 Jan 2015. In a time long past, an evil is about to be unleashed that will reignite the war between the forces of the supernatural and humankind once m It is loosely based on the novel The Spook's Apprentice (titled The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch in the US) by Joseph Delaney. Seventh Son … Based on the book, The Spook’s Apprentice, Seventh Son was originally slated for a Feb 2013 release, but was delayed for a good long year till December 31 in 2014. It’s not offensively horrible or anything – if you like swordfights, medieval fantasy, and dragons, as I do, you’ll come away from it feeling modestly entertained. Sergei Bodrov's Seventh Son, ... the movie itself is based on a much-loved children's fantasy series, ... "I was so excited when I heard that the Spooks books might be made into a movie…

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